Workshop Tasks List

What Do We Cover In Our Workshops & Events?

We offer consulting and an array of support services designed for both existing and start-up companies in the areas of business forms, graphics and illustration, legal issues, referrals, company “roll out”, “Pre-launch”, “Fast Start programs”, Compensation Plan design, National and International Expansion, Distributor Training, and much more.

Beyond administration, we are highly familiar with the distributor experience, on both the administrative and distributor sides of MLM.  33+ years in business as MultiSoft Corporation has provided us with the opportunity to learn how to craft solutions that serve both groups successfully without compromising one another.

MultiSoft’s many years as the premier MLM solutions provider ensures that you are receiving the highest quality consulting possible.

When you need real experience and dependability, you need MultiSoft.

How Long Does It Take To Launch An MLM Company?

In Our Workshops & Events

Together we will actually build the foundation of your new MLM company enterprise, from the ground floor up, and launch a live prototype right before your eyes:

We will…
  • Build and deploy your Corporate Website
  • Add a replicated Distributor Back-Office portal
  • Add products and assign commission values
  • Assign commissionable values
  • Discuss your momentum building Pre-launch program
How do we do it?
  • Our team has been servicing the direct sales and MLM industries for over 33+ years.
  • We have experience in the industry from the distributor, company owner, vendor perspectives.
  • We provide turnkey products and services to the industry.
  • We use our own products and services to illustrate the concepts reviewed.
  • Our goal is to make your dream a reality!  We will show you hands-on how it is done.
  • Expect more than hype laden motivational speaking

Our approach will clearly define each step that you’ll need to take to become successful, the milestones that will measure your progress, and how you can avoid the pitfalls that so many others have encountered in the past.

Let us show you how to “do it right”… the first time!

Our interest is in helping you succeed and thereby ensuring that the next generation of MLM owners is the best that it can be.  Join us for a walk down the path to success!  Our MLM Workshop is custom-tailored to your specific needs.  Each of the topics offered can be covered in as much detail as YOU require.

Our workshop is not about our own self-edification; it’s about ensuring that you gain the knowledge necessary to become successful.  If you are looking for solid advice from a seasoned industry professional, you are going to love our MLM Workshop!

Let’s get started… the following is a summary of some of our available units.
  1. What business are you really in?
  2. The 5 key components of a successful MLM Company
  3. The basics of a successful MLM Product or Service
  4. Your importance of a “world-class” image and corporate culture
  5. Why your company logo is important
  6. Your Website and Portal design – the window to your company
  7. Creating printed materials for your Distributors
  8. Components of a marketing and Media Kit
PCI Compliance
  1. What is it?
  2. How PCI affects you
  3. The importance of PCI compliance
  4. Spam / Return / Shipping Policy
  5. What are they and why must I have them?
  6. Where do I find this material?
  7. What are the consequences if I am NOT PCI Compiant?
Government Compliance
  1. Are MLM, Direct sale, Affiliate and Party Plans legal?
  2. Do I have to register my company?
  3. Assistance with compliance and regulations
  4. Ramifications of not being compliant
  5. Do I need to get approval for my product?
  6. Terms & Conditions / Policies / Rules and Regulations.  What do these mean to me?  Can I write these documents myself?  Can you provide me with standard forms?  Do I really need to retain an attorney?
  7. Credit Card Merchant Account Compliance
  8. Best Practices for Underwriting and Monitoring Multi-Level Marketers – a Bankers, fraud department: White Paper discussion
  1. What is the best product for MLM?
  2. Physical vs. Virtual products
  3. Consumable vs. one time purchases
  4. Selling virtual and electronic products
  5. Sourcing products
  6. The importance of packaging and presentation
  7. Determining product and service pricing
  8. Ensuring that you build a profitable opportunity
What is the best compensation plan?
  1. Should I copy from another successful company?
  2. How much is my compensation plan going to payout?
  3. Designing your compensation plan with a consultant
  4. How complex should my compensation plan be?
  5. Does my consultant recruit Distributors for me?
  6. Can my consultant help me recruit distributors?  If the answer is YES, how?
  7. Vision Planning and the critically important Gantt Chart
  8. How to price and not go broke while realizing a reasonable profit
  9. The famous Compensation Plan Modeler (Free)
  10. Creating the vital Technical System Specifications Documentation
Pre-Launch vs. Post Launch (creating your own Gold Rush)
  1. Why a Pre-launch is so important
  2. Iron out issues before the momentum kicks in
  3. Test, test, and test again
Your Software

  1. Selecting your software vendor… and your Strategic Partner
  2. Portals vs. Websites
  3. The importance of Software Scalability
  4. Replication and the Distributor Back Office
  5. Custom programming tested ways to save big through portalization
  6. ASP or self-hosted, what does it really mean to you?
  7. What does MLM software do for the company and the distributor?  What features will I need?
  8. Will I need custom programmed software?
  9. How much does MLM software cost?
  10. Who owns the software?
  11. Do I need to hire an IT expert?
  12. Where can I use my software?
  13. Do I need special hardware?
  14. So, you want to sell around the world!
  15. How is shipping handled?
  16. How do I collect money?
  17. What is the back office?
  18. A global presence, is it important?
  19. What about multiple languages?
  20. How do I sell in multiple currencies?
  21. Who pays the commissions to my Distributors?
  22. What payment methods can be used to pay Distributors?
  23. What about hiring my own programmer and building it myself?  My friend said it is easy, is it?
  24. I can do it cheaper with offshore programmers I will never meet???
Building a World-Class Distributor Kit
  1. What Distributors really need
  2. How to Build a Powerful Distributor Kit quickly and efficiently
  3. Business forms and documentation (samples provided)
  4. Preparing all materials for attorney review
  1. Should I have a Founders Program?
  2. Finding top distributors – Recruiting the Winners
  3. Tip on qualifying for a High-Risk credit card merchant account
  4. Hiring in-house executives and staff
  5. Funding your new enterprise for success
  6. Time-proven tips on raising seed capital
  7. I have my new company, now what?
  8. No one visits my website, what can I do?
  9. Why is my website not ranked on Google?  Who can help me get traffic to my website?
  10. How do I recruit new distributors?
  11. What about Newsletter systems?  Private Labeled with your name is a “must-have tool”
  12. Should I place ads in newspapers and magazines?
  13. Where is the best place to find customers?
  14. Should I pay to entice leaders (aka Heavy Hitters)?
  15. Where do I advertise my product to get the most sales?
  16. I signed up a few friends but no one is selling or recruiting, why?
  17. Do I need a big fancy office and a swanky car?
  18. Who I should hire?
  19. How many employees do I need?
  20. Who will handle all of my support needs?
  21. Who do I call when I have questions?

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