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MultiSoft is a global MLM provider with over 33+ years of experience in the MLM industry.

We are uniquely qualified to offer the best MLM solutions available in the market today.

Act now, and we will demonstrate how we can provide a total solution and help make your MLM business a massive success.

Build New Customers, Great Teams and Better Products Faster!

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Do you have what it takes to start a MultiLevel company?

Can you achieve success in MLM?

Do you know what network marketing is really all about?

The answers we reveal may surprise you!

Do you know what it takes to launch an MLM company?

It’s not as difficult as you might think.

We’re Here To Stay!

— Founded 1987 —

Steve Mommaerts

Our Goal Is To Help You!

I encourage you to read this magazine cover-to-cover, and then contact me to discuss how we can build a lifelong business relationship together. Looking forward to working with you you.

Steve (Mo) Mommaerts

MLM Consulting

The Best Since 1987

Our MLM consulting and support services are available to both start-ups and existing companies. Serving the Eastern Hemisphere
Our Initial Consultation includes a full half-day of face-to-face consulting, reviewing, and discussing your entire project.

We will analyze your startup ideas, your compensation plan, your product or service, strengths and weaknesses, and other areas of importance that should be considered before opening your new Multilevel Company.

Deploy Your DEMO in Minutes!

Test drive the “MLM Builder Wizard” now…

Technical Specifications Document "Blueprint"

We build your Compensation Plan using our proprietary “Modeler.”

The Magic MLM BUILDER Wizard

Instant deployment with our proprietary MLM Wizard

The Power of Our Template Websites

Via our ready made Template Wizard, or…

Use Your Own PhotoShop Design

Provide us with your Photoshop PSD file.

MLM Workshops

Web Design Asia

Full Service Web Design

We take your visions and turn them into reality. Our innovative thinking, personal attention and an enthusiastic approach to individual needs, sets us apart from the rest.

We take your company to the next level. Whether it’s a fresh look for an existing website or creating a brand new website, to help to market your new company.

We build websites that make an impact and create a true Internet presence.

How we do it


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MLM Software

Price Your Mlm Software

Reputable software companies assess your needs before throwing prices around!

You wouldn’t start construction on a house before finalizing your Blueprints, would you?

You must demand the same level of professionalism when building your software. We will provide Blueprints (FREE) before pricing your job, then if you like, go ahead and use our Blueprints with the other guys!

MLM Workshops David

Questions You Should Be Asking!

Test drive the “MLM Builder Wizard” now…

You’ll Learn From the Best of the Best:

Steve Mommaerts

Attend our FREE One-Day MLM Workshop and learn from our 33+ years of experience as the global MLM Consulting and Software company, MultiSoft Corporation.

You probably already have people ready and waiting to sign-up, allow us to help you…

  • Create your Compensation Plan – “Blueprint“ (critical).

  • Help get your website created with our professional design team.

  • Prepare your literature, order forms, distributor application, etc.

  • Spend a full day consulting with you.

  • Check your final Compensation Plan for errors!

MLM Workshops David

Explore new opportunities for MLM and network marketing in the ongoing technology revolution. Begin your transformation now with the brand-new version of Epixel MLM Software® V-15.

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