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Our Success Formula

Committed to moving forward?

Since you probably already have people ready to sign-up, allow us to help you…

  • Create your Compensation Plan – “Blueprint“ (critical).
  • Have your website created by our professional design team.
  • Prepare your literature, order forms, distributor application, etc.

Build New Customers, Great Teams and Better Products Faster!

MLM Seminars
FREE MLM Compensation Plan Consulting

If you are serious about designing your own MLM Compensation Plan, we are eager to help you with FREE, no obligation, corporate MLM consulting.

Receive advice from the best and most qualified industry experts, work with a company with over 27 years of experience. MultiSoft has offices in: Florida and Las Vegas USA, Thailand Bangkok, Singapore, and The Philippines.

A proven, trusted track record since 1987.

MLM Corporate Training Workshops

Experience your own Private and Confidential one-on-one “Corporate MLM Workshop”.

The MLM Corporate Workshops are held at our offices in either: Bangkok Thailand, Manila Philippines, Florida or Las Vegas USA FREE, (or at your office anywhere globally US$2,000+ expenses). Together we will actually build and deploy your sample new MLM business, from the ground floor up, and launch it right before your eyes.

We will…

  1. Build and deploy your custom sample Corporate Website
  2. Add your custom sample replicated Distributor Back-Office
  3. Add products and assign commission values
  4. Discuss your momentum building Pre-launch
  5. Discuss your Founding Distributor program
  6. You’ll learn everything from industry experts.

Our personal and very private one-day workshop approach will clearly define each step that you’ll need to take to be successful, the milestones that will measure your progress and how you can avoid the pitfalls that so many others have encountered in the past.

How do we do it?

MultiSoft Corporation has been servicing the direct sales and MLM industries since 1987. Our team goal is to make your dream become a reality! We will draw on our own 27+ years of experience as the leading industry MLM software vendor and our products and services will be used to illustrate the concepts covered in this extensive and very unique workshop.

We will show you hands-on how it is done and let you know about some MLM tips often unidentified by others in the MLM opportunity industry… and you can expect more than hype laden motivational speaking!

We show you how to “do it right”… the first time!

Our interest is in helping you succeed and ensuring that you can be the best that you can be.

Our one-day PRIVATE MLM consulting workshop will be custom tailored to YOUR specific needs. Each of the topics offered can be covered in as much detail as you require – you and we will build the curriculum to suit your specific needs.

Your time spent will be hands-on and action packed!

Our consulting is not about our own self edification, it’s about ensuring that you gain the knowledge necessary to be successful in a highly competitive industry.

If you are looking for solid advice from a seasoned industry professional, you are going to absolutely love our one-day consulting workshop!

Our Best regards, we are very much looking forward to meeting you in person.

  • David Spary – Bangkok
  • Steve Mommaerts – Manila
  • Robert Proctor – Florida
  • Andrew Spary – Las Vegas
The Compensation Plan Modeler

FREE… MLM “Compensation Plan Modeler” & Specifications Document Creator.

– Reputable software companies assess needs before offering solutions or pricing.

Your MLM Technical Specifications Document created FREE. Finally, an Online MLM Distributor Compensation Plan Modeler that allows YOU to create your unique compensation plan, plug in the percentages, understand your payouts, and then print out an MLM Technical Specifications “Blueprint” PDF Document, automatically and without spending a single penny!

You will save big money by using this tool to present to your own programmers because they’ll know your EXACT requirements BEFORE they start programming!

The Modeler will help you build the perfect plan before committing to any expensive programming.

Our proprietary Modeler is a unique, one of a kind, Compensation Plan Designer and it is absolutely FREE!! The PDF document you create can be used by most (competent) software developers to bring your exciting new MLM enterprise to life!

More often than not, networkers contact software developers and ask… “how much is off the shelf software?” On the surface, it seems like a rational question, but in reality, it is a very naïve approach to securing a software based solution.

If I was a buyer and someone gave me a price for software without first knowing the exact requirements, I would run away as fast as I could!

How in the world could someone make a cost assessment or deem that I could consider anyone’s MLM software “off the shelf,” before fully understanding my needs?

Reputable software companies assess needs before offering solutions or pricing. In this respect, software development is much like home building you wouldn’t agree to start construction on a house before finalizing that you Blueprints fit the budget – you must demand the same level of professionalism when building your software.

The Modeler was invented to bring expectations in line with reality. Let’s get all of the details “on the table” before anyone talks money!

Going through The Modeler will show you that even the simplest of compensation plans can get quite complicated when ALL of the questions that are critical to the delivery of your software are detailed.

There is no compromise ALL details must be addressed. Anything less is a song and dance aimed at securing your business with actual delivery being little more than an afterthought.

Before earning your business we would like to earn your respect by investing our time and effort into building a long-term relationship.

Allow us to help you create and professionally document your business enterprise.

MLM Software (Corporate)

The world’s best Corporate MLM Software company presents: “Try before you buy” trial.

You’ll experience what NO OTHER MLM SOFTWARE COMPANY HAS. Amazingly we instantly build your company in under 5 minutes with our proprietary WIZARD demo system. Yes, we actually generate a full, live, online system in literally minutes.

Prepare yourself to be be AMAZED at this multi-million dollar, one-of-a-kind corporate MLM system builder!

[Try MLM Builder Now!]

Graphic Design & Branding

Do people know your brand? Simply stated a brand is more than just a website, logo, or business card design. It is the whole perceptions and image of your company.

How your business is perceived will hugely affect the amount of business and distributors that you attract.

We provide an experienced, cost effective and talented team to put your company on the map.

We are passionate about our MLM corporate branding and design packages and we are confident that our branding service will help you make your business everything it can be.

It all starts with a conversation with our in-house staff… call now!

Decision Packet
  • MLM Start-Up Guide
  • MultiSoft Magazine
  • What to Look for in an MLM Software Provider
  • 17 Questions to ask your MLM Software Provider before deciding
  • 14 Reasons to Consider Upgrading your MLM Software Provider
  • An Introduction to MultiSoft
  • Icebreaker Questionnaire: About you and your products and services
  • Big Dogs presentation
  • E-Business Card
  • 5 Key Considerations You Need to Know Before You Start Your Own Network Marketing Company
  • Do you Have What It Takes to Start a Network Marketing / MLM Company?
  • 25 Reasons Why You Should Start a Network Marketing Company


  • The Perfect Product
  • The Compensation Plan
  • How to Start Your Own Multilevel Marketing Company



MLM Books

Books available at

  • The MLM Compensation Plan Primer
  • The MLM Distributor Training Manual
  • The Perfect Product
  • Start Your Own MLM Company
MLM Distributor Recruiting
  • CRM with Integrated Contact Center Suite
  • Amazing Telesales Call Script recruiting
  • Free CRM included
MLM Banking

Merchant Accounts – CARD SYSTEMS

Deploy Your DEMO in Minutes!

Test drive the “MLM Builder Wizard” now…

And you really should consider attending our FREE, one day, MLM Workshop. During the Workshop we will discuss your PreLaunch “Founder Group” Presentation (how to fund your enterprise).

Attend in either:
Bangkok Thailand, Manilla Philippines, Florida USA, or Las Vegas USA.

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